IOIO UX- ( v1.1 ) -FOR SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 5 - [First Full Multi Dpi UX Rom]

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ravian29 posted this 05 July 2016

I am using touch-wiz grace UX on my Samsung galaxy note 5 dual sim (n9208) for last few days, I am really impressed with its performance, stability and battery life that’s why I have decided to work on UX, no matter if it’s still in beta and leaked version.




If you are facing problems with something using IOIO, do not expect i can fix it for sure. i am learning things I can or I will fail in fixing bugs, I need you guys to contribute and help each other’s. I am not responsible for anything that happens to your device, Flashing and using this rom is your own personal choice! Again, as this is my first rom, expect a lot of bugs and if you do not know what you are doing with your mobile or If you do not like this rom. Please use other any other rom. Please backup your EFS partition, data and device before going on, don't blame me, any other dev involved and rom. Simply I/we won't accept any blame.

I will work on the rom more after Eid (our religious festival), i did not want to make it late so i am releasing this in hurry with the mods i have added and tested. Happy Eid to all


Supported Devices

N920 C/I/G (All single Sim Variants)

N9208/N9200 (dual sim/nfc will not work)


Version Information


ROM OS Version: 6.0.1 UX

Rom Base: N920SKSU2ZPFB


Rom Control Source


Multi Dpi Source


1.    Based On PFB (Latest Leak)

2.    Universal Stock Kernel

3.    Multi Dpi [400dpi To 560dpi] - (Full Rom – IOIO UX Is also The First Full Multi Dpi Rom On Samsung Galaxy Note On TouchWiz Grace UX)

4.    Rooted

5.    Deodexed

6.    Zipaligned

7.    Init.d Support

8.    Knox Free

9.    Debloated (all Chinese and other languages stuff removed)

10. s6Edge Panels

11. s5Toolbox

Status Bar

12.  Center Clock with different options

13.  Right/center/left Virtual Buttons In Status Bar

14.  Data Usage Near Brightness Bar:

15.  Single Swipe Opens Quick Panel (Right Side)

16.  Opaq Color icons in status bar



17.  Select-able Extended Power Options via Rom Control

18.  Advanced Power Menu (5 Way Reboot)

19.  Flashlight, Screenshot, Screen Recording, Reboot Recovery and Reboot in download mod In Power Menu

20.  Disable Signature Check

21.  Installing App Older Versions Over Newer Allowed

22.  All App In Multi-windows

23.  Long Press Volume Button Skip Music While Screen Is Off

24.  App Locker To Password Protect Applications

25.  High Volume Warning Removed

26.  Low Battery Warning Notification Removed



27.  Auto Call Recorder

28.  Manual Call Recorder


29.  Floating Messages

30.  Messages Receiver Increased To 100

31.  Messages  Words Limit Increased

32.  Enable Save & Restore Sd Card For Messages

33.  Disabled Sms To Mms Conversion

34.  Auto Data Connect To Send And Receive Mms Without Toggle Data Manually



35.  Keyboard With Symbols

36.  Direct Pen (Hand Writing) Additional Languages Enabled

37.  1000+ Fonts


38.  Enabled 6 Icons In The Dock

39.  Enabled 6*5 Icons In The Drawer

40.  Multi Dpi Launcher

41.  Added Launcher Gestures

42.  Added Launcher Animations Effects

Settings App:

43.  Enable Touch Key Lights Duration

44.  Enable Outdoor Mode

45.  Added On/off Text On Buttons

46.  Multi-Dpi and Toolbox added In Settings (Display Section)



47.  Lock Application In The Recent

48.  Ad Blocker Host File

49.  30 Multi-users Support

50.  Battery Saver Tweaks

51.  Multi-tasking Improvements

52.  Better Call Voice Quality

53.  Increase The Volume Steps In-call.

54.  Headphone Volume Boost

55.  Increase Jpeg Image Quality

56.  Disable Scrolling Cache For Faster Scrolling

57.  Better Scrolling Responsiveness And Speed

58.  Faster Boot-animation

59.  Bluetooth Audio Fix

60.  Other Build Prop Tweaks

61.  Updated Rom Control With New Options



62.  Fixed Themes FC

63.  Fixed Overlay issue


      64. FixedPrivate Mode

      65. Fixed AppLock

12/7/2016 - UX Version 1.1

Call waiting fixed (IOIO UX v1.1 comes with n9208 call waiting fix, other variants (single sim) users need to download fix package from download section and flash it after flashing v1.1 zip file)

UX Theme manager added back and fixed

Clock colors fixed now left/center/right clock works properly (IOIO is the first rom which have fixed colors with proper clock)

Added network speed meter (seprate in/out) (with proper colors, no more white text on white background)


Added carrier label option (again with proper colors, no more white text on white background)

Included UX launcher with Multi dpi ,gestures, 5*6 icons in the dock and drawer

Updated files to fix app overlay permissions and private mode, (after enabling/disabling blue light filter you need to restart phone else overlay issue will be back untill you restart your phone)

Removed old clock and added potato clock 

Rc updated

All Mods from Fix 1 is also included

7/7/2016 - OTA Fixes Package 1

Updated to latest su 2.76

Fixed Overlay issue

Fixed Private mode 

Fixed App lock

Fixed Deep Sleep issue

Fixed some animation issues


Initial Release

WARNING: Before Flashing rom, Please unregister your fingerprints, backup your data including internal storage

1. Download IOIO Rom, OTA updates (if any), fixes (if any) and copy them to your phone. 


2. Now Reboot Into TWRP Recovery and Wipe cache, dalvik-cache, system and data.

3. Flash IOIO rom, fixes and OTA updates (if any)

4. Reboot your phone and enjoy

@amarullz for providing aroma installer

@Chainfire for root

@osm0sis for busybox installer

@edzamber for Disable Signature Check and Installing app older versions over newer, All apps in multi windows, Screenshot and Screen Recorder in Power Menu, unlock help text

@gharrington for 3minit battery

@mariozawa for Potato Clock

@ikrom for Ram killer, lockscreen visible notifications, ram in notifications

@Carotix for quickLauncher in recent 

@asc1977 for working csc features, Auto call recorder, Outdoor mode, animation scale, 6 toggles in a row, next alarm in lockscreen and for s6 unified mods thread

@Repulsa for advance power menu, display scalling, touchKey light

@grzegorz354 for high volume warrning, Open with buttons

@SidRobo Low battery warrning remove

@tdunham for call end delay

@thereassaad @Umair Ahmad for always being with me and sharing their knowledge



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kenpaci posted this 05 July 2016

Big thanks for the update bro..awesome

Pratik_193 posted this 05 July 2016

Awesomeee brotha...waitin for download link...

Mathdarkmoon posted this 05 July 2016

Kudos to you @Ravian29

ravian29 posted this 05 July 2016

Download link added

MohdSyafik posted this 05 July 2016

Great bro

Marq posted this 05 July 2016

Nice one

ahmadshuib posted this 05 July 2016

Hai bro, happy eid. Just want to report my problem. I don't know if others have same problem as me. I got no deepsleep after flashing this rom. I'm not flashing other kernel. Thanks.

ravian29 posted this 06 July 2016

Hai bro, happy eid. Just want to report my problem. I don't know if others have same problem as me. I got no deepsleep after flashing this rom. I'm not flashing other kernel. Thanks.

IOIO ux comes with stock kernel, and its flashed while installing. Did you clean flash the rom? I am not getting any deep sleep issue

franksmj posted this 06 July 2016

Excellent work bro.. 



ANURAG CHAUHAN posted this 06 July 2016

THANKS for this amazing ROM .


the only problem is DUAL SIM not works .