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[AROMA] RiverROM ✯ RR5 Progressive [N7 PORT] ✯ [Multi DPI] [17.08.2016]

We update our rom bases and Kernel source codes frequently to keep up with the latest development, and not forgetting to merge in special features of our own at the same time. This rom is for Samsung galaxy ....

waleed205 Latest By waleed205 23 November 2016. 127 22K 15

[KERNEL] [ROOT] [SM-G928*] Exynos 7420 | SkyHigh TW 6.0.1

The official home of SkyHigh Kernels can be found athttps://skyhigh478.wordpress.com/, including infomation regardingthe newestupdates etc. Thank you to Ndroid for past support. Many select patches for better security, performance and efficiency (not all listed). THERE ....

waleed205 Latest By waleed205 23 November 2016. 58 11K 14

S6Edge+ SM-G928C/G928F

Firsti need say welcome guys. And This is only news yes i preparing SM-G928C CXXS2BPE6 Base Fully S7 Edge Framework and APPs Port ROM.. hereis our new home and RiverROM It will always be here to support you... ....

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