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[AROMA] RiverROM ✯ RR5.1 Progressive [N7 PORT] ✯ [Multi DPI] [19.08.2016]

River ROM is based on the Samsung TouchWiz. We update our rom bases and Kernel source codes frequently to keep up with the latest development, and not forgetting to merge in special features of our own at the ....

ranjithstar256 Latest By ranjithstar256 27 November 2016. 583 67K 53

River Rom - RR2 new UX port for galaxy note 5

River Rom RR2 will be released soon and it is based on samsung new beta firmware UX. It is a first UX based full port rom and not only applications. It may be released in next few days ....

jjuanzr Latest By jjuanzr 28 June 2016. 35 6.7K 31

S6Edge+ SM-G928C/G928F

Firsti need say welcome guys. And This is only news yes i preparing SM-G928C CXXS2BPE6 Base Fully S7 Edge Framework and APPs Port ROM.. hereis our new home and RiverROM It will always be here to support you... ....

RuggedHunter Latest By RuggedHunter 05 June 2016. 7 1.3K 4

RiverROM Note 5 Port

ROM Information- Base on Note 5 5.1.1 N920CXXU1AOH2- Rooted -Deodex-Zipalign-Xposed- Multiple LanguagesROM Features- Note 5 features- Note 5 pure stock- Note 5 Air Command- Note 5 Action memo- Note 5 Smart select- Note 5 Screen write- Note 5 ....

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