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IOIO Rom v8 for Samsung Galaxy Note 5 - [First Full Multi Dpi Rom]

Disclaimer Samsung is rolling out OTA update for n9208 - dual sim galaxy note 5 variant but not everyone is getting this, i know we all waited too long to get mm for n9208. Now wait is over, ....

jeanmoise Latest By jeanmoise 07 April 2017. 256 27K 26

IOIO Multi Dpi Enabler [Non-UX and UX versions]

As per requests, I jumped in multi dpi stuff and made first full dpi rom named as IOIO rom for Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Dual sim (n9208 but it also work on other variants). IOIO Rom is the ....

H.A.S.S.A.N Latest By H.A.S.S.A.N 28 July 2016. 22 2.5K 6