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IOIO Rom v8 for Samsung Galaxy Note 5 - [First Full Multi Dpi Rom]

Disclaimer Samsung is rolling out OTA update for n9208 - dual sim galaxy note 5 variant but not everyone is getting this, i know we all waited too long to get mm for n9208. Now wait is over, ....

jeanmoise Latest By jeanmoise 07 April 2017. 256 27K 26

[AROMA] RiverROM ✯ RR5.1 Progressive [N7 PORT] ✯ [Multi DPI] [19.08.2016]

River ROM is based on the Samsung TouchWiz. We update our rom bases and Kernel source codes frequently to keep up with the latest development, and not forgetting to merge in special features of our own at the ....

ranjithstar256 Latest By ranjithstar256 27 November 2016. 583 67K 53

IOIO UX Patcher for n9208

Evenbeforesamsung official release of grace ux for Samsung galaxy note 5 Duos (SM-N9208), i have managed to make dual sim working perfectly onIOIO UX (for n9208). After getting the title of firs UX rom for n9208 and first ....

haniakrim Latest By haniakrim 02 November 2016. 55 13K 22

[ROM + KERNEL] - [N9208] - HEXA - RC2 - STOCK MM 6.0.1 - [N9208XXS3BPI3] - RELEASE 14/09/2016

Hexa ROM is created for users to experience a simple smooth working ROM on daily basis. At first i was really eager to develop ROM based on Project Grace a.k.a UX but i come to my senses that ....

hhhh3 Latest By hhhh3 07 October 2016. 100 15K 33