I am developer and want to share my work?
If you have developed something unique and want to share it. Please register and contact us to get developer access.
What if i am using other developers work without their permission(s) or work which is not according to laws and licensing bodies?
You will be warrned to fix your work. If failed to do so, your work will be removed and you account may be banned.
What if someone claims his work in my project?
You have to deal with other developer(party), ndroid is only providing you a platform to share your projects and not to check, teach and defend your work. If proved, Your work may be removed and you also can be banned.
How to report a project?
If you have troubles with any project on ndroid please use contact us to report it.
Forum and Community Rules
1. Please don't use unetihcal / explicit language or behaviour toward Members or their work. Always show respect and courtesy. Aggressive, argumentative and disrespectful behaviour is not acceptable.

2. It is unacceptable to post nude or pornographic imagery, which includes the exposure of male or female body parts

3. Racial, Political, Religious discussions are not allowed in any way.