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mslaframboise Latest By mslaframboise 02 September 2016. 12 1.3K 1

Resurrection Remix OS 6.0.1

Version 3 Download link: How to install READ THIS ALLL OF IT OR YOU WILL BRICK YOUR PHONE! 1)Wipe data system cache 2)flash this ROM!!! 3) install gapps recommended Dynamic Gapps, or pico open gapps 4)DELETE /system/lib/omx ....

Lochman79 Latest By Lochman79 11 January 2017. 12 1.9K 4

rSAP Bluetooth connection lost

Hi. Great ROM, Nice features, thank you! Only problem now seems to be that I have lost the ability for my phone to connect to my car via the remote sim access protocol (rSAP) connection. Any ideas how ....

witty2309 Latest By witty2309 22 August 2016. 0 457 0

IOIO Multi Dpi Enabler [Non-UX and UX versions]

As per requests, I jumped in multi dpi stuff and made first full dpi rom named as IOIO rom for Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Dual sim (n9208 but it also work on other variants). IOIO Rom is the ....

H.A.S.S.A.N Latest By H.A.S.S.A.N 28 July 2016. 22 2.5K 6


Hi! I made this thread for anyone to comment of thier ideas onwhat to add in next update. Here's the list: Extend message character limit : done in v8 Removing comma key : done in v8 Removing Sim ....

Rajrup Latest By Rajrup 25 June 2016. 9 884 3

Root phone and work as close as the stock rom can be

With the large numberofSamsung ROMs and their updatesfordifferent regions, it's so unlikely that people will be creating flashable root files for all. Are there anyway to root a stock rom with a minimal change? TIA ....

jaybau Latest By jaybau 23 June 2016. 2 716 0